Do Big Things

DBT stands for "Do Big Things." It was founded in 2015 as the umbrella project for all of Luke Diaz's customer-centric, data-focused projects:

  1. Customer Success
  2. Leadership
  3. Data Science
  4. Ideas & Inventions
  5. Advisory

Mission & Purpose

The core thesis of DBT is that the democratization of data science tools is enabling humans to analyze increasingly massive data sets which is unleashing unprecedented levels of value and creativity.

Most of this value will be captured by the consumer given the proliferation of wireless broadband, smart devices, applications, and distributed storage and computing.

The second layer of value will be earned by companies which evolve to serve these consumers (and other businesses) while successfully capturing a significant portion of the value they are creating.

Building on this core thesis, companies will adopt various ideas, strategies, and tactics to ultimately execute towards their goals resulting in one of two scenarios: 1) failure, or 2) success.

1) failure scenario: The companies that fail will blame lack of adoption, tepid sales growth, “indigestion" of large data sets, decreased productivity (especially in management), signal fatigue related to over communication, incoherent monetization, and ultimately a lack of FOCUS resulting in lackluster growth, product atrophy and poor customer retention.

2) success scenario: The companies that succeed will enjoy unrivaled market share, sustainable profitability, and the power to control their own destiny.

The mission of DBT Ventures is to be a solution to scenario 1, and a catalyst of scenario 2.