Do Big Things

DBT stands for "Do Big Things." DBT Ventures was founded in 2015 as a specialty advisory firm focused on our 3 areas of competency to help accelerate your startup’s growth.

  1. Customer Success

  2. Leadership

  3. Data Science

Luke R. Diaz | Founder, DBT Ventures

Driven by an avid love for helping founders, and my diverse experience in hedge funds and software, I founded DBT Ventures to address the gap between ad hoc advisory boards and institutional venture capital.

DBT has advised or invested in over 15 companies, with founders and investors alike exiting profitably from 3 so far (20% hit rate as of Q4-2019).

We are proud to have worked with seed-stage startups coming out of Y-Combinator, Alchemist Accelerator among other programs, who have gone on to achieve $100m+ in ARR with successful fundraising milestones along the way fueled by strong retention, conscious leadership, and a data-driven approach to scale.

Speaking at Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics Conference in Napa, California (Sept-2019). Photo credit: Techboogie Media.

Speaking on a panel for the SF Customer Success Meetup (highly recommend attending a monthly meetup!). Topic: Business Reviews.