These are some of the tools we've picked up along the path. They've served us well for a certain period of time. Each tool has a vintage year and  purpose which is detailed below. They are yours now. We hope they serve you well.

CSM Compensation

To start the conversation around Customer Success compensation, we offer a v1 blueprint for how one might approach this decision. Incentives guide behavior, and behavior lead to outcomes. That said, a question to ask yourself is: what is the #1 most important metric I want my Customer Success team to achieve? Retention? Usage? Adoption? Value? Expansion?

Vintage: 2017 


equity dilution simulation

Explore scenarios for founder's equity, fundraising, option pool size, dilution, and valuations.

Vintage: 2018

customer journey map

One of the biggest SaaS challenges is serving diverse customer needs. There is no silver bullet. What you need? A customer journey map. Start the conversation by bringing this framework to your next cross-functional meeting to seek feedback on how your company can engage your customers with different levels of sophistication and maturity. 

Vintage: 2017


Customer testimonials

Let your customers do the talking. Simplify. All sales and customer success humans should be on the same page. Therefore, bring your best customer stories to life!

Vintage: 2018

CSM job levels

All too often career development conversations are a haphazard compilation of subjective manager opinions and recency bias. Below is a blue print for building CSM job levels for your team to enable objective career development conversations to ultimately increase CSM performance, reduce CSM attrition, and increase transparency across Customer Success

Vintage: 2019